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For more than 40 years, customers have trusted the Rosenquist name to provide quality laminating syetems and support.













Slant Gluers

Slants gluers are RF presses that are mounted on an angle and used in a range of applications. The angled working area provides the operator with a good view of the material being laminated as well as ease of loading. These presses are supplied in a wide range of lengths. These systems can also be equipped for clamping material on all 4 sides.   


• Panel Gluing • Face Gluing • Door Components

 • Door Assembly

• Economical to Operate • Conserve Valuable Floor Space




Edge Gluers

 The term Edge Gluer generally refers to a machine where the press area is parrellel to the floor and uses a pusher type table to load the press. They are used for a variaty of applications. These high production presses are available in lengths from 4' up to 20' and generaotr sizes from 5 to 50kW.     


• Panel Gluing • Face Gluing up to 12" thick

• Furniture & Millwok Components

•High Production • Built to Customer Requirements




Slatbed Press

 Typically refers to a press with an aluminum or steel slat conveyor that extends the length of the in-feed area through the press. One of the benifits of this system is that the panels maintain their spacing when they are conveyed into the press. These presses are available in lengths from 4' up to 20' and generator sizes from 5 to 150kW.   


• Panel Gluing • Face Gluing up to 12" thick

• Furniture & Millwok Components

• Lengths up to 20 feet. • Ideal for Step Gluing • Built to Customer Requirements




Beam Press

This type of press allows the material to be stacked vertically, one piece on top of the other. The laminating pressure is applied from the top downward. The radio frequency electrodes are located along each side of the stack. A powered conveyor system runs acroos the lay-up area and through the press.


• Laminated Beams • Laminated Flooring

• Face Gluing from 3" up to 14" thick

• Turning Squares • Lengths up to 20' • Built to Customer Requirements




RF Generators

 A free standing Radio Frequency power source may be connected to a wide range of equipment.


• 4 to 150 kW Output •  Many Contol Options

• Built to Customer Requirements










Material Handling Systems

Our Material Handling Systems are custom designed to meet your production needs. Most commonly our systems are designed to automatically apply adhesive, compose the press charge and feed the material ito the press.  to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.





Curved Plywood Presses

Our Curved Plywood Presses are designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements. These systems utilize a male and female forms to shape veneers with adhesived applied into shapes.The adhesive is rapidly cured by the included Radio Frequency Generator.  



• Heavy Construction •  Quality Components

• Built to Customer Requirements







Cold Presses

 Rosenquist Cold Presses are built to last. Available with long stroke cylinders to allow the press to clamp even the smallest stack of material without using filler boards resulting in shorter cycles and reduced operator fatigue.






Conveyorized Glue Spreader

The Rosenquist Conveyorized Glue Spreader is ideal for applying adhesives to material to be edge glued. The system may also be used for face gluing if equipped with an optional hold down roll to ensure the material maintains contact with the applicator roll. These units are built to meet customer requirements.

• 10" & 20" Wide Models

• Stainless Steel Glue Pan & Base




Bench Top Glue Spreader

The Rosenquist Bench Top Glue Spreader is ideal for applications are ideal anywhere in your plant where you need an economical and convenent method to apply wood adhesives.


• 10" Applicator Roll • Easy to Clean

• Stainless Steel Glue Pan & Base





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