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Cost-Effective Woodworking Machinery Upgrades

Save money and get more work out of your equipment with machinery upgrades from ROSENQUIST, LLC in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Upgrading your machine can give you the gains of purchasing a new machine, at a much lower cost, and with faster implementation. You can focus your spending on solving other problems or shortcomings. By replacing obsolete or unreliable circuitry, you can improve productivity. Some of the benefits of machinery upgrades include:
• Shortened Cycle Times
• Improved Machine Throughput
• Greater Functionality
• Increased Machine Utilization
• Scrap Reduction
• Increased Production Uptime Due to System Reliability
Large Beam Press - Machinery Upgrades

Smart Cure

Smart Cure allows the onboard PLC to determine when the adhesive is properly cured and automatically end the curing cycle. This eliminates the need for the operator to monitor the cycle or manually set the RF cycle timer for various press charges. Your panels will always be cured “just right” with a cycle that is not too short. Smart Cure machinery upgrades prevent poor quality panels as well as wasted time.

Automatic Power Control

This upgrade will eliminate the need for an operator to adjust the power control. An electric motor is mounted inside the generator enclosure and will automatically increase the output power of the generator to achieve and maintain the preselected power level. The level will be reset to minimum at the end of each press cycle.

High/Low Power

By installing the high/low power feature, operators can select the most desirable voltage with a simple selector switch on the control console. This saves time and increases productivity.

Dwell Timer

The adjustable dwell timer is located on the control station and allows the material to remain under pressure after the cure cycle is completed. This allows the adhesive to cool for a few seconds before opening the press.

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