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Capacity 36" x 60" x 2" thick • 30-degree angle, hinged top platen • Side pressure applied by (9) 5” bore by 12” stroke air cylinders on 6.6” centers • Top pressure applied by (2) 3 1/4” bore by 14” stroke air cylinders • 6 KW Radio Frequency: generator cures approximately 600 square inches of glue line per minute • Control panel includes adjustable cycle timer, necessary meters, indicator lights, control pushbuttons and a two hand, no-tie-down control system for closing the press. Hand-Powered Infeed Lay-Up Table •Wired for 480 Volt 3 Phase Operation @ 25 Amps •New in 2002.









Clamping Area: 54” x 83”  

Curing Area: 50” x 80” x 2” thick.

*All Hydraulic cylinders were rebuilt with new seals and rod bearings.

*All Hydraulic hoses were replaced.

Hydraulic Pump Unit: Powered by a 5 HP Electric motor.

Side Pressure: Applied by 11 each 2” bore by 4” stroke hydraulic cylinders.

End Pressure: Applied by 7 each 2” bore by 4” stroke hydraulic cylinders.

Top Pressure: Applied by 2 each 2” bore hydraulic cylinders. Top platen opens wide for ease of loading.

Controls: Upgraded to PLC control system with operator interface. Features programmable cure time and dwell time as well as system diagnostics. 

Generator: Built in 10 kW Radio Frequency Generator will cure approximately 1,000 square inches of glue line per minute.

High / Low Pressure: The system is equipped with a low pressure pre-clamp system to allow the operator to clamp the parts under low pressure prior to closing the press. Once the press is closed, full laminating pressure is applied automatically.

Safety: Two-hand no tie down control system as well two photo eyes control the closing of the press.

Voltage: 480 VAC 3-phase, 35 Amps



L&L GA-100

Pictures are as removed rom service. Availalable "As Is", "Cleaned and Tested" or "Recoditioned"

 Curing Area 40" x 96" Clamping Area 45" x 102 " x 4 1/2 thick  • Side Pressure applied by 17 each 2" bore x 4" stroke cylinders. Top pressure applied by 4 each 5" bore pneumatic cylinders. 20 kW Radio Frequency Generator with Automatic Power Control and "Smart Cure" options. Includeds in-feed and out-feed tables(not pictured)





L&L GA-100


(Picture as remmoved from service)

Available: Reconditioned

Curing Area: 50” x 108”

Clamping Area: 55” x 108” x 4 1/2” Thick

 Side Pressure: Applied by 18 each 2” bore x 4” stroke rebuilt hydraulic cylinders.

 Top Pressure: Applied by 3 each 2” bore rebuilt hydraulic cylinders.

 20 kW Radio Frequency Generator will cure approximately 2,000 square inches of glue line per minute. Upgrades available.

 Hydraulic Power Unit: A 10 GPM hydraulic pump is powered by a 5 HP 3-Phase electric motor.

 Powered In-feed Table: The in-feed table has a metal work surface and is 55” wide x 108” long. The pusher carriage is powered by an electric motor that is controlled by an inverter drive.

 Out-feed Table: Is a dead roll type table with 2” diameter rolls mounted on 6” centers and measures 55” x 108”


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